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“Revolutions and Revolutionaries: a Gender Perspective”

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For its eleventh edition the Journal is soliciting papers for a Special Interdisciplinary issue on revolutions and the role of revolutionaries throughout different time periods, with a specific focus on gender.

Thirty years ago Blaženka Despot published Žensko pitanje i socijalističko samoupravljanje, a crucial work which discussed the role of women in the socialist activism and system, and twenty years have passed from the collection by Dunja Rihtman Auguštin of the work by Lidija Sklevicky (Konji, žene, ratovi), who analyzed the work of revolutionary women in the Yugoslav partisan and post-war organization Antifašistička fronta žena (AFŽ), but also discussed active revolutionaries of the area we are interested on, such as German Rosa Luxemburg and Istrian irredentist and then communist and early antifascist teacher Giuseppina Martinuzzi. Socialist Yugoslavia, 20th century revolutions and political activism are presently scrutinized and discussed by various scholars in historical and other human and social sciences, and some of them directly address gender issues.

We believe that the Adriatic, Yugoslav, Central European and Balkan past revolutionaries and activists should be further discussed, especially from a renovated gender perspective. For a start, from the narrower Adriatic angle, we would welcome new research on women’s role in revolutionary circumstances in the Adriatic area, as for example in the 1921 antifascist rebellion of the “Republic of Labin/Albona” or in other revolutionary events beyond the narrow Adriatic, from the Danubian and Balkan to Central-European and Mediterranean settings, and also beyond the 20th century revolutionary events and practices, in order to consider a wide historical range of cases, even from much earlier times.

Moreover, a wider gender perspective can also help us discuss the role of men, of masculinities and of different forms of sexual orientations and identities in revolutionary processes, practices and theories. In addition, we welcome contributions examining the legacy of revolutionaries and the policies and practices of memorialization of activists. That would mean to examine whether and how gender played a role in the ritualization, commemoration or absence of memorialization of specific revolutionary figures and events. We are not interested only in 20th and modern historical cases, but we welcome proposals and articles on other time periods.

The Journal also welcomes other forms of contributions, such as comments, discussions, book and journal reviews, news, exhibition catalogues, conference and workshop reports, etc.

Proposal should be sent to the editorial board by March 15th 2017.

Deadline for paper submission: May 1st 2017.

Please submit your proposal with a paper title and a short abstract to the following e-mail address: 

Vanni D’Alessio and Mila Orlić, Editor and Vice Editor in Chief of the Journal


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Rijeka

Sveučilišna avenija 4, Kampus Trsat, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Vanni D’ALESSIO (Editor in Chief)

Mila ORLIĆ (Vice Editor in Chief)

Kosana JOVANOVIĆ (Secretary – Book Review Editor)

Editorial Board 

Maja ĆUTIĆ GORUP (Unversity of Rijeka), Vanni D’ALESSIO (University of Rijeka, Università di Napoli), Franko DOTA (University of Zagreb), Kosana JOVANOVIĆ (University of Rijeka), Mila ORLIĆ (University of Rijeka), Davor PAUKOVIĆ (University of Dubrovnik), Jure RAMŠAK (University of Koper), Andrea ROKNIĆ-BEŽANIĆ (University of Rijeka)

International Editorial Board 

John ASHBROOK (Sweet Briar College, VA), Pamela BALLINGER (University of Michigan), Daniel BARIC (Université François-Rabelais, Tours), Vesna BAUER MUNIĆ (University of Rijeka), Emilio COCCO (Università di Teramo), Darko DAROVEC (Inštitut Nove Revije, Ljubljana), Mila DRAGOJEVIĆ (The University of the South, TN), Igor DUDA (University Jurja Dobrile in Pula), Darko DUKOVSKI (University of Rijeka), Guido FRANZINETTI (Università del Piemonte orientale), Aleksej KALC (Inštitut za slovensko izseljenstvo in migracije ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana), Heike KARGE (Universität Regensburg), Borut KLABJAN (Univerza na Primorskem, Koper, European University Institute, Fiesole), Marino MANIN (Institute for History, Zagreb), Gherardo ORTALLI (Università di Venezia), Vjeran PAVLAKOVIĆ (University of Rijeka), Tea PERINČIĆ (Maritime and History Museum of Croatian Littoral, Rijeka), Maja POLIĆ (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Rijeka), Dominique REILL (University of Miami), Sabine RUTAR (Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg), Ludwig STEINDORFF (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel), Franjo ŠANJEK (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb), Lucijana ŠEŠELJ (University of Rijeka), Fabio TODERO (Istituto regionale per la storia del movimento di liberazione in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste).

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