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5th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award

The Centro Einaudi with the support of Fondazione CRT launches the 5th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award. Young researchers are invited to submit papers - by March 31st, 2017 - on the subject: Economic consequences of inequality.


The Centro Einaudi with the support of Fondazione CRT launches the 5th annual GIORGIO ROTA Best Paper Award, which is established to honour the memory of Giorgio Rota, a leading Italian economist born in Turin, who was in charge of economic research at the Centro Einaudi for many years.

The Centro Einaudi is an independent non-profit institute based in Turin. Its mission is to conduct independent research, providing policy recommendations in the fields of political economy, welfare policies, government and market competition.
Since 1963, the Centro Einaudi has been a beacon of liberalism and one of the most influential Italian think-tanks. Many of its members hold prominent positions in academia, government, journalism and business.

Fondazione CRT originated in 1991 from Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, inheriting its name as well as its philanthropic mission. Its projects and resources target various sectors: from the preservation and promotionof the artistic heritage and cultural activities to scientific research; from education and training to health care and assistance for vulnerable social groups; from civil protection and environmental safeguards to innovation in local institutions and support of economic development.

Young researchers are invited to participate to the 5th GIORGIO ROTA Best Paper Award by submitting high-quality scientific papers (a maximum of two papers per candidate) presenting original research on the following subject:


Economic consequences of inequality

The fifth edition of the prize in the memory of the illustrious economist Giorgio Rota aims at stimulating scientific reflection and debate on the economics consequences of inequality with a specific focus on the impacts the polarised distribution of income among people and households have on the economic and political systems. More specifically, this edition of the prize seeks for contributes investigating inequality from the perspective of economy and political economy.

Topics of interest thus include, but are not limited to:

economic and political determinants of inequality;

the measurement of inequality;

lower consumer spending, stagnation and other economic implications of income inequality;

inequality and the functioning of market economies;

the reconsideration of the theories of growth

the rising of social tensions/frictions fed by inequality;

emerging authoritarianisms and the political control by the rich/elites

equity vs efficiency economic and ethical arguments;

policies to alleviate inequality (e.g. minimum income and other redistributive policies; negative income taxes etc.).

The authors of the three best papers will be awarded a prize of 1.500 Euros (gross) per paper and they will be invited to present their work at the Giorgio Rota Conference that will be organised in May 2017 in Turin at the Campus Einaudi (University of Turin). The workshop date and programme will be published on the Centro Einaudi website (

Participation to the conference is mandatory in order to be awarded the prize. The Centro Einaudi will also refund up to a maximum of 1.000 Euros for travel/accomodation expenses to Turin, depending on the place of origin. (One author for each paper).

Only high quality articles providing original insights with respect to the existing literature will be considered. An award committee will select the papers on the basis of the following evaluation criteria: 1) relevance to the topic; 2) literature review; 3) quality of the methods and the data; 4) originality of the data and the conclusions; 5) understandability. All decisions of the committee are final. Reviewed and formatted versions (rules for authors will be sent to the winners) of the award-winning papers will be then provided by the winners to be published in Quaderni del Premio “Giorgio Rota”, an ISBN working paper online serie of the Centro Einaudi.

The GIORGIO ROTA Best Paper Award is open to researchers born after December 31st, 1979, who have obtained a university graduate qualification (BA, MA or PhD) in the fields of economics, geography, sociology, political science or other social sciences.

In order to participate to the prize, the corresponding author of each paper should submit by March, 31st, 2017 an email to with the following documents:

- A signed copy of the GIORGIO ROTA Best Paper Award application form;

- The scientific paper in electronic format (up to two papers per participant);

- A copy of the document proving the obtained university graduate qualification;

- A copy of an identification document indicating the date of birth;

- A C.V. (either in English or Italian).

Co-authored papers are acceptable on condition that all the authors fulfil the eligibility criteria of the prize and declare – in a document attached to the application form – that they are informed of the award procedure.

Submitted papers need to fulfil the following criteria:

- To be unpublished at the date of the Conference (May 2017);

- Not to be under copyright of third parties;

- To be written in English or Italian;

- To be saved in a single format in editable format ( .doc/.docx/.rtf/.odt) and in .pdf

format with figures and tables also attached either in .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif or other graphic format (not in .ppt/.pptx)

- The article must be edited in the specific format of the Quaderni “Giorgio Rota”; – Not to exceed 8.000 words (titles, footnotes, figures and tables included);

- To include an abstract of 150-300 words, in English or Italian;

- To include 3-5 key words.

The selected papers will be announced by April, 27th , 2017. For further information, please contact


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