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History in the Age of Access

The use of digital technologies in history knew a quick and impressive development. Scholars began label an heterogeneous mass of approaches and digital techniques with the term “digital history”, referring both to the tools of digitalization and diffusion of the analysis and to the tools allowing the exploitation and elaboration of the sources. Diacronie aims to deal with this set of methodological tools by offering a panorama of its mains components and by promoting a reflection on them.

The call addresses therefore the researchers dealing with the diffusion of sources through the web and their analysis through specific set of software.

We welcome the contributions about projects that touch issues such as:

  • the cataloguing and digitalization of sources and archives, to the creation of web sites that diffuse and make available the material exploited;
  • the creation of virtual museums and expositions;
  • the organization and diffusion of multimedia material such as audio/video sources;
  • the elaboration of database organizing large scale digital data  and allowing a quantitative and qualitative analysis on them;
  • the use of maps and GIS software in the spatial visualization of historical processes of mobility and circulation, such as migratory flux, commercial exchanges, projects of urban history or spatial history;
  • social network analysis in history and eventually the creations of sociograms to uncover the relations among actorsi.

How to send an article
Authors can submit their articles in Italian, English, French or Spanish (30.000-40.000 characters, including spaces, footnotes and bibliographies, respecting the rules and instructions specified here: ( at: redazione.diacronie[at]
Please notify as soon as possible, by contacting the editors, of your intention to participate with an article.

Final paper submission deadline: 20th April 2012
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